Italy aims to export powdered milk to China

Milk, as we already know, is a fundamental product for the food industry and for the production of its derivatives such as cheese, butter, cream and yogurt. In Italy, the dairy sector, despite the economic impact caused by the global pandemic, has been able to cope with the emergency, showing a rather positive performance. 

National milk production has increased by about 13% in the last six years. At the end of 2020, at least 12.5 million tons of milk were produced and Veneto, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy are the four main producers of this food product. 

Certainly, the increase in milk production is an important aspect for the Italian market and for the dairy sector, but it is equally important to know how to manage resources and large quantities of excess product. Precisely for this reason, some cooperatives have decided to collaborate and invest in a new plant that can produce powdered milk, especially for new-borns, to be exported to China. 

The main objective of the dairy coordination of Alleanza delle Cooperative is to find alternative destinations for raw materials, both as regards the lean component and the fat component. A feasibility study is currently underway for the construction of a plant capable of transforming Italian milk into a powder product ready for export to Asia, especially to China where the demand for powdered milk is constantly increasing. The research will analyse and evaluate many aspects, including the technical, commercial and strategic aspects of the different operations. 

“The operation we are about to carry out has a great strategic value that could have important repercussions on all companies in the Italian dairy sector. This is why we intend to open the cooperative initiative to all organizations and companies operating in the supply chain”, commented Giovanni Guarneri, the dairy sector coordinator of the Alleanza delle Cooperative Agroalimentari. 

The new plant represents a truly ambitious program and its construction is expected by 2022. At the moment there is no other definitive news regarding this initiative, but according to some sources, Ozzano Taro, in the province of Parma, could be the candidate to become the building dedicated to the new project. 

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