Google: fine by the Antitrust Authority

The companies Alphabet Inc., Google LLC and Google Italy were fined € 102 million for violating art. 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. According to the Authority, in fact, Google has a dominant position thanks to the Android operating system […]

Posted on 2 months ago

International Monetary Fund: solidarity tax to mitigate inequalities

The International Monetary Fund (an international public organization of a universal nature, which today includes 190 countries) proposes an idea that would have the objective of supporting the economic crisis caused by Covid, that is, a solidarity tax to finance expenses. The IMF, in its […]

Posted on 2 months ago

Elon Musk: Tesla will stop accepting Bitcoin as payment for vehicle purchases

On May 13, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the automaker will no longer accept Bitcoin as a payment method for the purchase of electric vehicles.  The reason, explained through Twitter, seems to be the environmental pollution caused by the cryptocurrency mining process and by the transactions that […]

Posted on 2 months ago

Dubai’s creative economy

Dubai aims to increase companies in the creative economy from 8,300 to 15,000 over the next four years, increasing the percentage of its GDP due to the creative economy from 2.6% to 5%. The Arab emirate is therefore launching new creative zones for cultural content, […]

Posted on 2 months ago

Pinduoduo is now China’s top e-commerce platform

On March 17, the Chinese company Pinduoduo released its fourth-quarter financial results for 2020, confirming itself as the largest e-commerce in terms of active users, even overtaking the giant Alibaba Group Holdings.  “Pinduoduo was founded in 2015 with a focus on agriculture and has grown to become China’s largest agriculture platform, handling more […]

Nokia: up to 10,000 jobs at risk

The Finnish telecommunications giant Nokia announced that between 5 thousand and 10 thousand jobs are currently at risk and in an official statement published on March 16 2021, it confirmed its decision to reduce the company’s costs.  The reduction in the number of employees is part of a restructuring program that also includes a large […]