Zschimmer & Schwarz’s role in addressing the demand for chemical technicians

Zschimmer & Schwarz

The necessity and difficulty of finding chemical technicians: this is what emerged during the orientation meeting held by Zschimmer & Schwarz Company for fifth-year students of the “Chemistry and Materials” course.

The company, headquartered in Tricerro, employs 123 employees who develop and produce chemical auxiliaries for various sectors, including the cosmetic industry, detergents, lubricants, industrial specialties, paints, and coatings. It is a reality firmly rooted in Piedmont, boasting a global business network stemming from innovative solutions developed by the “Research and Development” department at the production site.

Dr. Merlo, holding national roles in Federchimica, after illustrating the important industrial reality in which she operates, emphasized the growth opportunities within the company for young people who obtain the title of chemical technician. After the necessary specific training and upon hiring, young individuals have the opportunity to become production plant managers, as well as managers of chemical or microbiological laboratories.

The debate and exchange of ideas between students and Dr. Merlo were interesting. She emphasized how the diploma of chemical technician represents added value for companies in the sector, even in the hiring of university graduates, as it demonstrates particular skills in managing chemical laboratories. Furthermore, the national collective labor agreement for the chemical industry, applied at Zschimmer & Schwarz, was also illustrated. It is particularly interesting economically and includes a fourteenth-month bonus.

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