Copper production: Danieli Group to drive growth for Jiangxi Copper Company

Danieli Group

Danieli Fröhling, a specialized business unit of the Danieli Group renowned for crafting high-quality machinery catering to the non-ferrous metals sector, has been selected by Jiangxi Copper Company, the premier copper producer in China, for its expansive venture in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China. This investment is poised to augment Jiangxi Copper Company’s annual production capacity by approximately 15,000 tons, with a primary focus on copper flat products. The expanded capacity will be predominantly dedicated to meeting the demand in the copper and copper-alloy foil and thin-strip market.

To realize this endeavor, Danieli Group will deploy a cutting-edge 20-high reversing mill, specially designed for the precision rolling of copper and copper alloys. This mill is engineered to process materials with a maximum entry thickness of 0.8 mm, reducing it to a minimum finish thickness of 0.03 mm, and achieving this across a maximum strip width of 450 mm.

As emphasized in a Danieli Group press release, the forthcoming twin-housing type mill is set to integrate the Danieli intermediate roll double-bending system, enhancing strip flatness. Additionally, it will incorporate a direct hydraulic roll-gap control mechanism, ensuring precision in thickness performance. The flexibility of these mills will allow for the utilization of a diverse range of work roll diameters, spanning from 37 to 80 mm, ensuring cost-effective and efficient rolling.

The new copper rolling mill, scheduled for a 2025 launch, will involve pivotal elements manufactured, assembled, and pre-tested at Danieli HQ workshops. The electrical and automation facets will highlight Danieli Automation’s cutting-edge solutions, notably the HiPAC automation system, enabling real-time, automated control over thickness and flatness. The Group’s extensive supply package will be supplemented by its advisory services during the erection and commissioning stages.


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