Jess Bezos leaves his position as Amazon CEO for new projects

Amazon, one of the most popular trading platforms worldwide, will meet a new CEO this month. The current CEO, Jeff Bezos, will in fact give way to Andy Sassy, ​​while remaining president of the largest internet company in the world, which in 2020 had one million employees and a turnover of 347.95 billion dollars.

It was in 1994 when Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, headquartered in Seattle (USA), in the beginning as an online bookstore, which for the first few years grew slightly compared to its competitors. Later, Amazon experienced a high growth thanks to the expansion of its product categories, also adding the possibility to leave a feedback of the product purchased. Over time, millions and millions of revenues have turned into billions, also acquiring millions of associates, or independent sellers who use the platform to put their products in commerce. In 1999, a series of innovative ideas and growing successes lead the Time Magazine to proclaim Jeff Bezos “Man of the Year”. 

And now, the great entrepreneur, considered as the richest man in the world (together with Alon Mask) with an estimated asset of 194.7 billion dollars, chooses to retire after the last, great results obtained: in this long period of pandemic, in the last three months of last year, Amazon has experienced revenues up 44% to 125.5 billion dollars and a net income of 7.2 billion dollars.

Bezos chooses to retire (while remaining involved in various Amazon initiatives) to be able to focus on other projects, such as Day One Fund, Blue Origin and The Washington Post.

Day One Fund is a charity fund for the homeless and to finance preschools in disadvantaged communities, with an initial investment of 2 billion dollars. In 2020 the fund managed to raise a very impressive amount of money to improve private and community life in the less wealthy realities.

Blue Origin is instead a private space flight company founded by Bezos himself, awarded with 3.7 million dollars by NASA in 2009 and then provided with 22 million dollars in the second phase of the project. The company was also selected by NASA to design a lunar lander together with SpaceX and Dynetics.

Finally, The Washington Post consists of a US newspaper bought by Bezos in 2013 for 250 million dollars. Under Bezos, the Washington Post doubled online traffic and greatly increased profits – a surprising achievement, if we consider the economic crisis the newspaper had been facing previously.

Therefore, Jeff Bezos will not devote himself to otium. On the contrary, his energies are still a lot and will be dedicated to other causes that, in one way or another, as already happened for Amazon, will be able to leave an important mark on the world in which we live.

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