The most in-demand jobs that employers cannot find

Adecco, the multinational Human Resources provider based in Glattbrugg (Switzerland), has made a list of the 10 most in-demand job profiles that employers are struggling to find. Let’s take a look at them.

BroadBand Architect

It is a sort of web television director. This figure works within the communications sector and takes care of web TV content and web interactive innovations. Their job is to combine the world of the web and that of television for the new legions of viewers.

Category Manager

It is a marketing expert who takes over the role of the Buyer. They bring together the various professional figures that took care of every step in the purchase and sale process related to a product category. The Category Manager studies consumers and their preferences to understand which products should be sold and how. They are also responsible for making purchases and keeping an eye on available stocks.

Cloud Architect

It is one of the most paid jobs by multinationals such as Coca Cola and Amazon, with an annual salary ranging from 60 to 150 thousand euros. The Cloud Architect designs and builds cloud environments that are easily manageable and extremely versatile, to perfectly fit a company’s business needs.

Data Scientist

With the huge amount of data out there, it became increasingly necessary to have a figure that would analyze it, and this is what the Data Scientist does. Companies are using more and more big data, cloud technologies, automation and machine learning, so the Data Scientist’s job is to organize and analyze data to help achieve business goals.

Energy Manager

They are energy saving professionals, who acts as internal consultants in support of Top Managements. Their main mission is to identify actions, interventions and procedures necessary “to promote the rational use of energy” within a structure. They belong to the green jobs category.

Growth Hacker

It is one of the most requested jobs in Silicon Valley. It is a person who uses his IT and marketing skills to develop business growth strategies. It is thanks to them that companies achieve success and that traditional ones are able to get back on track.

Plant Manager

It is the person who organizes all the daily operations of the company’s production plants, for which they are therefore responsible. They define working and production schedules, assign functions and roles to employees and take care of training new hires. 

Project Manager

Among those mentioned, the Project Manager is perhaps the best known job, and it is expected to grow even more. They are managers who guide a work team towards the achievement of the goal set by the client.

Scrum Master

It is considered one of the fastest growing professional figures. It is halfway between a Project Manager and a Talent Scout. It is a supervisor responsible for coordinating various components of the company, such as meetings, schedules, staff. Furthermore, it is the contact person for work teams.

UX Designer

It is a profession designed specifically to satisfy customers. After analyzing and studying the context and user behavior, they work to ensure that the end user experience is as positive as possible. Specifically, they deal with the experience related to digital products, therefore websites, software, apps and the like.

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