Samsung is ready to invest for a new chip plant in Texas

Some rumours are putting Samsung, the South Korean giant, in the spotlight. According to some sources, the company is considering opening its next factory in Austin, Texas, to enter the computer and smartphone processors market as one of the main leaders and thus get more American customers. 

Samsung not only designs and manufactures different products such as smartphones, televisions, smartwatches, tablets, computers and electrical appliances with advanced technology, but also creates components for both its own devices and those of other companies, and is actually one of the main leaders in the production of memories, storage chips, batteries and modems. 

Currently, the South Korean company already owns a factory in Texas, opened in 2011, which deals with the production of chips, but using less advanced technology. According to the latest news, Samsung is planning to invest approximately 100 billion dollars to build an advanced chip manufacturing facility including chips with the three-nm (nanometre) manufacturing process, using ultraviolet lithography technology. 

If Samsung’s new project kicks off, then the company could become the supplier for other giants such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft that are determined to produce their own processors themselves. 

Today, Samsung makes the logic gates for Nvidia and Qualcomm companies, but according to the latest news, its main Taiwanese rival TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), which currently produces the processors for several companies including Apple, has signed an agreement with the US company Intel which is likely to become its customer in order to have three-nm chips. In addition, TSMC has also planned to open a factory in Arizona by 2024. At this point the competition between the two companies could become even more determined and decisive for the title of “leader” in the production of advanced chips. 

The construction of the new Samsung plant in Texas is expected to begin next year and the factory could be operational by 2023. The company has also planned further investments of approximately 116 billion dollars over the next ten years. 

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