Apple announced its first M1 chip for the new Macs

Apple news are still surprising his customers. The company recently launched the four new iPhone models and the new iPad models, but the biggest news is definitely the first Apple M1 chip created specifically for the newest Macs: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini. 

So, after 15 years Tim Cook’s company is moving away from the US Intel, chipmaker that equipped Apple desktops and laptops with its own processors. However, Apple does not have the necessary establishments to make the new chips, so it will have to rely on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing to produce the new components. 

Let’s see the features of the first Apple M1 chip that focuses its attention on its devices power: as already announced, the processor will be faster and more efficient and this will guarantee the devices a longer battery. Another characteristic will be the use of 5-nanometer transistors, compared to Intel’s 10-nanometer transistors; if the transistors are smaller, the same chip can contain more transistors and the processor automatically becomes more efficient. In addition, Apple uses the architecture of the Arm chipmaker with 64-bit, the goal is to connect computers with other Apple devices in a more effectively way and consequently to create apps for all the devices. For the first time, Apple customers will be able to use the iPhone and iPad apps directly on Macs. 

During the pandemic, Apple experienced a boom in Mac sales and the company sold the devices for $ 9 billion in the fourth quarter. With the new “homemade” chips, the company will save around 150/200 dollars per processor, which will lead to a significant increase in profit margin. 

Revolution, amazement and innovation are the adjectives that most belong to the Apple world. The company continues to raise the bar of ambition to satisfy the expectations and to be one of the leading manufacturers of tech devices. 

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