Joe Biden and Kamala Harris together to heal the United States

The long-awaited US elections have finally revealed the new president: Joe Biden will be the 46th president to lead the United States. He got over 74 million preferences, surpassing Barack Obama’s previous record. 

The focus now is not only on Biden, but also on Vice-president Kamala Harris who has received a great support from Americans. 

After being elected on Saturday night, Harris gave a powerful message with her first speech. Speaking to the public, she declared that people have the power to create a better future for their country and that with these votes they have chosen hope, unity, decency, science and truth. She says she wants to be the Vice-president that Joe Biden was to President Obama, a “loyal, honest and prepared” Vice-president. 

She expressed her pride in being the first Vice-president woman in US history: “while I may be the first woman in this office, I won’t be the last”. She wants all girls to see the United States as a country of opportunities. During the speech she also turned her thoughts to her Indian mother, who arrived in America at the age of 19, a woman who has always believed in an America where a moment like this could be possible. She also turned her thoughts to the generations of women; black women who are the backbone of American democracy, Asian, White, Latina, Native American women who paved the way for the American people to experience changes like this. She sided with women who fought for freedom, justice, equality, with women who worked to protect the right to vote. 
She then spoke about the work they will do to rebuild the country’s economy, to eradicate racism, to fight the climate crisis, to unite the country and to heal the soul of the United States. She then let the newly elected “president who represents the best in us” speak. 

Joe Biden in 2008 was the Vice-president of Barack Obama and 12 years later he will rule the United States. He addressed the Americans declaring that he wants to be the President who unites and not divides, who does not see red states and blue states, he wants to create an America of possibilities that leaves no one behind. He will also strive for collaboration with the Republicans because he saw in the voters and their votes “an outpouring of joy, of hope, renewed faith in tomorrow to bring a better day”. He talks about his Vice-president as the one who will make history as the first woman, the first Black woman, the first woman from South Asian descent, the first daughter of immigrants ever elected in the United States. He speaks about his coalition as the largest and most diverse union ever: Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Progressives, Moderates, Conservatives, Young, Old, Urban, Suburban, Rural, Gay, Straight, Transgender, White, Latino, Asian, Native Americans united for a better future. 
Joe Biden reiterated that together with the new government he wants to fight the virus, to fight in order to build the prosperity of the country and he wants to fight to ensure health care for all the families, to fight racism and he wants to fight against climate change. 

American citizens have voted for a new future full of hope for the United States. 

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