Just Eat Italy stands with Italian restaurant owners

While France enters new lockdown for at least a month, as announced by President Macron, and followed shortly after by Germany, with schools open but all the other activities considered “non-essential” closed, Italy also seems to be preparing to a new (almost) total closure. There are already rumors of regional closures to contain the second wave of contagion. For the moment, in compliance with the Prime Ministerial Decree that came into force on 26 October 2020 and that will remain valid until 24 November, bars and restaurants are forced to stay closed from 18:00 to 05:00. It is allowed instead home delivery until midnight. For some days now, protests and clashes have been taking place all over Italy with restaurateurs protesting against the new Covid restrictions that would irreversibly damage their activities. Just Eat, the digital food delivery service, sides with Italian restaurant owners.

The app that allows you to order meals in a few clicks from the comfort of your own sofa, supports restaurateurs with an initiative that provides a series of benefits as well as lower commissions for those who join the delivery service, in the hope of giving continuity to their activities and earnings. The over 5,000 Italian restaurant partners will have the opportunity to benefit of a support designed specifically for delivery services using riders and which provides a 25% discount on the commission. 

All new restaurants that decide to activate the digital food delivery service with Just Eat will be able to accede a series of benefits providing zero commissions, which will be extendable depending on the evolution of the situation and will be in force for a minimum period of one month.

Moreover, restaurants’ onboarding on the app will be accelerated, by simplifying the process and thus responding more quickly to activation requests. This way restaurants will be able to offer the service to their customers in a very short time. The possibility of being online on the Just Eat website and app will then be encouraged, thanks to reduced menus that will present the main and most ordered dishes.

Daniele Contini, Country Manager at Just Eat Italy, says: “2020 is a difficult year for the world and for our country. Our commitment to stay close to restaurants, riders and customers, and which was very strong during the emergency, today is renewed to further support one of the categories most affected by the new restrictions. We believe in fact that the permission and the continuation of home deliveries is an important element for restaurant owners and we want to support it by promoting the digital with zero commission costs for those who do not yet use digital food delivery and a reduction in costs for the over 5,000 restaurants that already use the service. We want restaurants to be able to count on a service that has proved essential for Italy from the beginning of the emergency to the present moment”.

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