Amazon’s revenue record: 96,2 billion dollars

Apparently, Amazon, one of the best known and largest online e-commerce platforms based in Seattle, has not suffered the consequences of the pandemic. On the contrary it has taken advantage of the context to increase its sales while the global economy is suffering. 

During the period from July to September 2020, Jeff Bezos’ company managed to benefit from the e-commerce boom. It achieved an increase in its revenues of 37%, reaching the record of 96,2 billion dollars. 
Actually, the pandemic increases the number of uses of online services and online purchases, enriching the giants of the web. Facebook income also increased 29% to 7,85 billion dollars. 

In the United States, online sales are expected to increase during the Christmas period. According to statistics, in American countries online shopping for Christmas could reach 189 billion dollars, 33% more than last year. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos commented on the current situation: “We’re seeing more customers than ever shopping early for their holiday gifts, which is just one of the signs that this is going to be an unprecedented holiday season”. The Seattle company expects incomes in the fourth quarter between 112 and 121 billion dollars. 

So more demand means more jobs. While most companies are reducing their workforce due to the effects of the pandemic, Amazon has instead increased hiring by adding 400,000 more jobs (100,000 in October) in order to satisfy all the requests. The total number of employees thus reached 1,13 million people worldwide. 

This year Amazon moved up to second place in the ranking of Best Global Brands 2020, after Apple, with a value of 200.667 billion dollars. 

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